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Littelfuse has been protecting circuits in automobiles for more than half a century. In fact, many of their products, like blade fuses and bolt fuses, are the industry standard. Across the globe, automakers rely on Littelfuse circuit protection solutions to enhance vehicle safety and reliability, protect sophisticated electronics and meet the growing needforhigh-currenttechnologyinvehicles. They support products with replacement components in the retail aftermarket and are extending their automotive expertise into the commercial vehicle segment.


Automotive Key Products: Blade Fuse, Bolt Fuses, MasterFuse, TVS Diodes, Varistors, Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fuses, Cable Fuses, Heavy Duty Electromechanical and Solid-State Switches.


Parts Big Boss's parent company has been closely associated with Littelfuse for a few years now. We are one of the biggest domestic distributers of their automotive fuses viz. Blade Fuse,  Slow Blow & Cartridge Fuse, Bolt Down Fuse


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