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Shipping Policy

*Discounted shipping if eligible is applied directly in the checkout last step.


Shipping is a major link in the whole experience of online shopping. 

A few things that make it a worthwhile experience are :

  • Safe and sturdy packaging.
  • Timely doorstep delivery.
  • Shipping cost.


We at Parts Big Boss, take utmost care of how the products are packed, handled and shipped.


Q. Why we don’t provide free shipping?

A. Courier companies charge us according to the weight of every package. A lot of automobile parts are heavy in nature or are very big in size, which results in steep courier charges. To provide “Free Shipping”, we would have to inflate the product prices by approximately 20%. Which is more like cheating and luring the customer into making a purchase. We don’t believe in such manipulations and strive to keep the whole experience transparent.


Q. How are the shipping charges calculated?

A. Shipping charges are calculated according to the bulkiness of products and the value of products in the cart. There is an upward limit beyond which we don’t increase the shipping charges. 


Q. How does one find out if a product is bulky or not?

A. On the product page, the Technical details section shows if a product is classified as “Bulky” or not. Kindly see the snapshot below to have a better understanding.


bulky product indication


Q. What does "Reduced shipping charges on non-bulky products" mean ?

A. As some products are light in nature, we did not want to impose a heavy shipping charge on them. So, to keep things simple, if there is no "Bulky" product in your cart and the cart total is min. Rs200, you would get 50% discount on the shipping charges. 



Having said all of the above, there are always some instances when things don’t go as planned. As there are third parties involved, we can’t have direct supervision on how our packages are handled. To cater for such situations, we have very lenient return-policy. If the problem is genuine, we provide a replacement part as soon as possible. 


Feel free to contact us for any queries that you may have.


Team Parts Big Boss.